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WWVD? Invest to invite.

July 28, 2008

As I was coming in from a game of Ultimate Frisbee with some students tonight I saw something I hope to become someday.  This is Violet.

I don’t know how old Violet is; I just know I’m not going to be guarding her in a game of Ultimate Frisbee anytime soon.  What you’re seeing in the blurry picture (thanks Palm Treo 755!) is Violet’s weekly routine almost every week since Jana and I moved to Mt Washington.  She “Rascals” her way up and down the sidewalks of our condo development picking up trash with her grabber.  Every now and then Jana has stopped to talk to her and say thank you, but other than that I’ve never seen anyone say anything to Violet or help her in any way.

A lot of times when I talk to people that are opposed to Christianity, they talk about receiving judgment and about how Christians are always “trying to prove me wrong”.  The interesting thing about Jesus’ minstry is that nobody was more clear in telling people that they were wrong… but most people were thankful when He did it because they knew he truly loved them first.  One of the things I love about The Bridge is the value you have of “invest to invite” – love that goes in front of the gospel preparing the way.  I wonder if I could use a LOT more Violet in me to go with my gospel.

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