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July 29, 2008

Sorry the video is so dark.  I just saw The Dark Knight and was apparently influenced by the story.

List of Jesus’ parables

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  1. lora nethercutt permalink
    July 29, 2008 11:36 pm

    Favorite parable would have to be the Mustard Seed! I use it most often in my personal journey when I think things just can’t get any worse. That mighty mustard seed has lots of power!!

  2. Ben Lawson permalink
    July 30, 2008 10:22 am

    Hey Josh,

    As far as parables that were central to Jesus’ message, I would have to point to Matt 18:23-35, The Unmerciful Servant. I have known for quite some time that the gifts of discernment and prophecy were ones that I have (and by prophecy I don’t mean an ability to speak a “new word from the Lord” I mean the ability to see that a certain path may not necessarily lead a person to a closer walk with the Lord.)

    With that being said, in using these spiritual gifts, as is true with a lot of them, I found my self acting as a kind of Holy Spirit. My heart would be in the right place but my methodology was really skewed. In years previous I would often find myself being confrontational with other believers especially when I felt that they were heading down a path that in my opinion was going to lead to a less than godly outcome. In so doing, I became a person that was very legalistic and puffed up.

    Warping to present day, I now am in a much different reality. Having walked down a very difficult road in resent years, I was confronted with this parable and realized the pompous arrogance I displayed as I pointed out the faults of others, didn’t recognize the mass amounts of forgiveness I received.

    I came face to face with the truth that God does not need me to be something He already is. As a believer I do have a role in ministry that is going to bring about fulfillment and a hungry contentment. The beauty of this truth is that I am free to be the evangelist that He has called me to be, without having to be focused on whether a person is walking away from an action that I don’t approve of. I can move forward in ministry being fueled by the love that I have experienced through Christ forgiveness looking for every opportunity to tell others about that love. The sinful behavior I tried so hard to eradicate will be and has been dealt with by Christ. He already knows the ends and outs of every person on this planet including the motivation that fuels there desires to participate in the sinful activities that Satan has blinded them into thinking will bring about that which only God can provide. The battle is the Lords.

  3. Seth Massa permalink
    July 30, 2008 11:02 am

    Random Fact: In Hebrew/Jewish culture they believe every scripture had 70 levels of meaning.

    The Parable of the Talents/The Parable of the Minas and the Two Sons could probably all be put into 1 combined message about using what you know. That’s kind of the situation I’ve been in lately. I’ve been a hearer but not a doer of many words (whether biblical or not). I’ve always heard it’s better to recycle, but just lately I have actually been recylcing. Yes I’m a little weird, but I just realized those stories are all related to that saying.

    So many of us will say what a great word/message was just preached to us–for example helping your neighbor in the Good Samaritan. But how many of those people will actually go out and help someone after that. (By the two sons, many of us are like the second son in saying–that is a great idea, I’ll do it. But then we go out and see someone in need and do nothing). So I guess you could do a message on putting action behind all the knowledge you have gained (just like faith without works is dead because it the action proves your faith, knowledge/wisdom without action is pointless).

  4. Jordan permalink
    August 2, 2008 8:48 pm

    I think I agree with Ben.

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