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July 29, 2008

This is the point where I really start to get excited.  I’ve had time in the last couple of days to start finalizing a preaching schedule through December for The Bridge!  The series I’m most excited about right now is our first one – “Once Upon a Parable”.  A lot of times, we don’t even mean to let them, but stories we’ve heard (or lived) end up capturing us and shaping the way we think about ourselves, the world, and even God.  Sometimes that’s good.  Sometimes stories wreck lives forever.  In the first eight weeks of sermons we’ll talk through the stories that Jesus said should shape our view of things.  His parables.

Here’s where I need your help. I’ve got six of the eight weeks nailed down with the parables that I think are most central to Jesus’ message.  I’d like to hear from you for the last two. Which parables have either spoken to you most powerfully or have been the hardest to understand?


Here’s a link to a complete list of Jesus’ parables.

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  1. Nathan Wandell permalink
    July 29, 2008 2:48 am


    Looking at the link, I think the two most difficult parables for me to understand are the parables of the “Budding Fig Tree” and of the “New Wine” and “New Cloth.” The parable that’s spoken the most powerfully to me is the parable of the vine and the branches. Looking forward to this series!!

  2. Scott Shoopman permalink
    July 29, 2008 12:53 pm

    Josh, I am excited about this series. MRS and I had a day off this past week and attended a different church. the Reverend spoke on several parables and really missed the mark in my opinion! I felt like he trully misrepresented the meaning Jesus intended to get to a topical message for his sermon. Sad for the congregation…

    The prodigal son and the mustard seed are always first in my mind when thinking about parables of Jesus. Too often I am the prodigal and too many times my faith is smaller than the mustard seed…

  3. Mary Bea permalink
    July 30, 2008 12:53 pm

    wow…after looking over and reading some of these parables again (sadly, for some it’s been awhile), I can remember times in my life where so many of them had impact…and still do…I never wanted to be a goat, I always wanted to be the humble guest, and the good samaritan, to remember to bring extra oil!! Recently, what stops me when I really ponder the implications is the King Going to War…and really before that when Jesus says whoever comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, wife & children…CANNOT be my disciple…and later when he says if you don’t say goodbye to all your possessions you CAN’T be my disciple…Jesus just went completely radical on his peeps right there- and it makes me wonder what I would do if God said to me…”get rid of your stuff & take your family to….(insert country where they kill you if you confess to being a Christian)…” “Really God? My family, all of us, to that place? Something bad might happen to the children or what if something happens to me and Ken & they are alone?…” BAM! This story in Luke comes to mind and I’m faced with the cost of following Jesus…and as badly as I want to say I am willing to do anything for Jesus….but then you factor in “if you don’t hate your mother, father, wife, children, sister, brother…” ouch! When faced with it, do I really have what it takes to live with complete abandon for my Savior?

  4. Susan permalink
    August 5, 2008 4:26 pm

    The parable of the good Samaritan has been one that impacted my life at a very young age and has challenged me all my life… ever since I was in second grade living in Alabama in the late 1960’s and my 2 best friends were African American… the only ones I even knew of in my school . I clearly remember how determined I was to show them that they were just as good and just as loved by Jesus as anyone else. It sure didn’t seem to me as an 8 year old watching them be treated as outcasts by my “friends”, that there was anyone stopping to help them, love them, accept them. I really believe this is where God put this passion in my life to see the world differently and to see the “unloveable” as the precious, touchable, treasures that they are to our Lord and to spend my life showing them that. He has blessed me time and again all my life with opportunities to touch and love and give. Unfortunately, I can’t say I have stopped every time or trusted God every time and been obedient to act but when I have, He blows me away with the blessing of new friendships and inspiring testimonies of His power from the most unlikely places. I kick myself when I get too busy or grumble about stopping to help someone, when I get frustrated because my schedule is interupted or I have to
    sacrifice something I want for someone else’s need. These times I am ashamed because I don’t believe any of that was in Jesus’ nature!
    I’m just so thankful JESUS STOPPED to save someone as unworthy as ME!

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