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plastic surgery – what do you think?

September 10, 2008

I saw this article (here) on my friend Pete’s blog not too long ago from Forbes Magazine.  Surprisingly, it ranked Nashville as America’s 6th vainest city.  The rankings were based on the number of plastic surgeons per 100,000 people in a city (4.4 per 100,000 in Nashville).

Plastic Surgery is one of those things that is black and white outside the church (there’s nothing wrong with it) but seen as controversial inside the church.  It seems like a lot of Christians either think it’s wrong but don’t know why or they don’t know what to think about plastic surgery at all.  So I’m putting it to you…

Should Christians get plastic surgery?

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  1. September 10, 2008 11:28 pm

    I don’t like plastic surgery and would probably never have it done – but I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with it.

    Is there some Biblical command or something that implies plastic surgery is wrong?

    And is this really what we’re gonna argue about while people are going to an eternity separated from God in hell? I mean …seriously!?

  2. Lynn permalink
    September 11, 2008 10:05 am

    While I agree with Ariel that most of the time Christians are busy arguing about the rules than they are focused on God’s mission, I think that this action is part of being on God’s mission.

    I think you guys had a teaching about Jesus’ talking about the tree and the fruit a couple of weeks ago. I think that fits here too. It seems like if we’re getting plastic surgery that we’re communicating to the world about what really matters – and that we’re communicating the wrong thing.

    I can totally see it in cases where somebody was seriously deformed from a car accident or born with a disfigurement, but those are cases of restoration to “normalcy” instead of trying to just be more attractive or sexy. But that’s just my two cents.

    Love the blog!

  3. Mary Bea permalink
    September 11, 2008 11:03 am

    Should Christian parents deny their child with a cleft pallet from having plastic surgery to fix it? I can’t imagine any parent would if faced with it. Should I run go get collagen injections because I’m unhappy with my wrinkles? Maybe God might have a better use for my money than using it for that…personally, after 3 kids, lots of weight gain and now loss… I want to have some stuff fixed…does that make me vain? Some might say yes, but if as Christians we start judging things that way then where does it end?….If all plastic surgery is vanity…then what about dieting? Is that vanity too? It’s a dangerous place to go…

  4. Andrea Wandell permalink
    September 11, 2008 11:50 am

    There are a slew of questions that follow this one about plastic surgery.
    Should Christians get their hair trimmed and styled? If so, how much is too much?
    Should Christians get spa treatments or pedicures, manicures, etc.?
    Should Christians get tattoos or piercings?
    I think this runs into the category of permissible but not necessarily beneficial. We also need to be aware of what Kingdom purposes we may be neglecting as we’re giving so much attention to our physical features.
    It really is a question of priorities. No one would say that physical beauty is worth more than spiritual health, but we’d all agree that spiritual health can be compromised through being attentive to physical beauty. Anything that takes God given resources (money, time, energy) in a way that detracts from Kingdom purposes can be dangerous ground to tread on. In the parable of the talents, I don’t recal even one servant spending the money on his physical appearance. I wonder what his master would’ve said to that.

    So where do we go from here? I would say that corrective medical procedures to aid in better health would be permissible and beneficial, but the rest is all in that grey area and isn’t worth giving too much energy, time, or money to.

  5. Julie Howerton permalink
    September 11, 2008 1:31 pm

    I think it is an individual decision and that Christians should not get in the game of judging other’s decisions. If I had a child with a cleft palate, I would get them surgery in a heartbeat. As an over 40 woman, there’s a lot of things I could have done that would make me look better, but I have to ask myself: Is that being a wise steward of the money God has entrusted me? Should I learn to accept aging as a natural process and accept my body how God created it?
    Most people that know me well know I am too cheap to probably ever have it done. I color my own hair because I’m not willing to pay big bucks to have it professionally done. Having said all of that, if someone else chooses to have an eyelift, a tummy tuck, etc. I will sincerely compliment them and not judge them for that decision.

  6. howertonjosh permalink
    September 11, 2008 3:09 pm

    Just to throw another kink into the conversation without really knowing everything to think about it – I’ve talked to women who’ve genuinely wanted corrective procedures (i.e. after giving birth or drastic weight loss) who wanted these things done for their husbands. I don’t think that husbands need to be in the business of pushing their wives into surgery for themselves!

    I guess the point is that maybe the root of the matter is about a persons’ heart more than just whether the action is right or wrong. I agree with Mary Bea that just judging the action without looking at a person’s heart is a dangerous place to go. Amen and amen!

  7. howertonjosh permalink
    September 11, 2008 3:42 pm

    PS – are you guys going to judge me if I get a shoulder-hair removal procedure done? It’s for Jana, I promise.

  8. Tammy permalink
    September 14, 2008 10:15 pm

    Don’t know if anyone will read this now (it looks like I may have missed the boat by a couple of days), but I thought I’d throw my 2 cents worth in, anyway.

    Questions have been raised about necessity or whether it’s beneficial. These questions will lead us all down a slippery slope that will ultimately lead to judgement. Do we NEED two vehicles in a family? Does a family NEED a four-bedroom house or can they truly get by with far less? Does a woman NEED more than 2 pairs of shoes? Does a man NEED to buy those tickets to the ballgame?

    Here’s another question. Does a married couple NEED to have children? How many children does that coule NEED to have? If you want to go down the slope of discussing monetary responsibility, shouldn’t the number of children a married couple can AFFORD also be thrown into the mix?

    My personal opinion, if you truly are being a good steward of your money and listening to the Lord’s leading as to how much, when and to whom you should give and share God’s blessings, then we as Christians shouldn’t cast judgement on whether a person colors their hair, gets their nails done, or has elective plastic surgery. Now, if someone is having mulitple procedures like some might have seen in the past few years on tv, and they show signs of addictive behavior towards these procedures, well then we’re in a completely different realm. Otherwise, it’s really nothing but casting judgement and if we check our own heart, there might be some envy there towards that person getting the procedure.

    Plastic surgery is vanity. But so is makeup, hair color, finger nail polish, shaving your facial hair in a certain way, mousse, perms, a LOT of clothing and shoes, the list goes on and on. I think it’s when something is ruling our lives that we need to stand up and say, “This is not beneficial, for me. I must stop!”

    Anyway, that’s MY 2 cents worth. 🙂

    And Josh, the back-hair thing, don’t just do it for Jana, do it for us all!!! 😉

  9. Ben Lawson permalink
    September 14, 2008 11:48 pm

    I have had plastic surgery, as a matter of fact I have plastic surgery to thank for the mobility of my right arm and a scar free face. When I was 18 months old I was very badly burned with third degree burns covering 33% of my body. I personally have no problem with corrective plastic surgery however when it comes to elective plastic surgery, well I think that we have run into a gray area. Suppose you have a person who is born with a huge nose. Is the person in the wrong for getting a nose job after a life of ridicule? It boils down to the heart. What is the motivation? I really believe that we have run into a yet another beautiful moment to have our lives wrapped in the love of Jesus as we search.

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