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continuing the conversation – the Questions

September 22, 2008

Following up yesterday’s “sigh of contentment” blog post, I want to reiterate what a great job Jim did preaching yesterday.  He was conversational; he was humble; and he taught God’s Word clearly.  It was a breath of fresh air.  He focused on Jesus’ teaching about treasure and boiled it down to three questions:

Where is your heart?  

What are you looking for?

Who is your master?

Jana and I want a lot of kids and The Bridge births swaths of them so the part that hit closest to home for me was when he said, “Williamson county is a great place to raise kids, but it’s not a good place to parent.”  Jim pointed out that in Spring Hill we can send our kids to all the best schools and settle them in nice houses in big, safe neighborhoods… but all the while we’re playing right into the hands of teaching them to “store up treasures on earth”.

Even though Jim would be slow to tell you this, he and Becky moved from a nice, big house and neighborhood into a much smaller house in which his kids share bedrooms for exactly that reason.

What are you doing or thinking about doing to protect yourself or your kids from this temptation?

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  1. Julie Howerton permalink
    September 23, 2008 1:29 pm

    I commend Jim and Becky for their decision. I also think one of the best things we can do for our kids as Williamson county kids is to go against the culture here and NOT automatically give them a car when they turn 16 or spend a fortune on prom, buy them the name brand clothing, send them on a free trip for graduating from high school, or let them go to college for free. I believe we are doing our kids a FAVOR if they have to work for a car, help pay for college, buy inexpensive clothing, and learn that prom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I believe that we also need to be teaching our children to tithe from the moment they receive any money and to give to Christian charitable causes. I believe the BEST thing we can do for our children is to go with them or send them to an underprivileged FOREIGN country on a mission trip. Their perspective on things changes when they see what most kids have compared to what they have.

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