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a few (Jesus-centered) thoughts on America’s financial situation

September 25, 2008

I’ve started to be convicted that I haven’t used this blog to the best of my ability to make Jesus famous, so as a heads-up you’ll probably start to see a change in the blog content.  Here are some of my (humble) thoughts about where Jesus fits in to America’s current financial crisis…

1) This is good both for American Christians and non-Christians alike.

If the greatest thing that could ever happen to someone is for them to find all their hope in Christ and that person currently finds any of their hope in financial security, then financial turmoil is the best thing for that person. Scripture sets out fairly clearly that money isn’t evil (I Timothy 6:17-19) but tells us equally clearly that financial wealth is an obstacle to spiritual wealth (Matthew 19:16-28).  This is a chance for the wealthiest Christians that have ever lived (American Christians) to examine their hearts and see if their hope is truly in Christ, and it is a loving opportunity given to everyone without Christ to see that their foundation isn’t sure.

2) Followers of Christ will miss this opportunity if we focus more on the political implications of this situation than the spiritual ones.

What I see happening right now is Democrats focusing all of their thought and energy on leveraging the current situation to help establish Barack Obama as America’s leader and Republicans doing the same thing to help establish John McCain as America’s leader.  Whether you find yourself voting Republican, Democrat, or Jack Bauer, Christians should focus more of their energy on seizing this opportunity to establish Jesus as Lord in people’s lives than to establish a person as Lord in The White House.  While it is vitally important for Christians to be Biblically involved in politics, it’s easy to let McCain or Obama be the center of our thought and conversation about the financial crisis instead of Jesus.

3) Christians can use this situation to teach our kids the uncertainty of anything but Jesus.

The danger of raising children in the wealthiest county in America is a danger that I doubt any of us truly understand.  Jim’s statement last week that “Williamson County is a good place to raise kids… but a terrible place to parent them” stuck with me all week.  If Christmas is a little smaller this year or your kids ask why the lines at the gas station are so long or they begin to wonder why they don’t get to eat out as much, seize the moment to explain that money comes and goes but Jesus is always the same.

I wonder what your thoughts are???

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  1. September 25, 2008 10:54 am

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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