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continuing the conversation – theological DNA

October 12, 2008

Today was one of those Gatherings that you just want to take a picture of in your memory it was so sweet.  It was the second week of our DNA series and we pondered what it looks like to be truly theological.  Maybe the most important thing to understand about being theological as a church is what it doesn’t mean – knowing facts about God.  Being a theological church means that we will be a church of people that truly know God.

Isaiah 6:1-8 gave us a clear picture this morning both of what God is like and what our response will be when we enter his presence to know Him.  Honestly though, I think that most of us carry around a caricature (like the ones below) of God in our hearts rather than the real deal.

A caricature is a picture in which the artist has taken one attribute and made it disproportionally big to the point that it doesn’t accurately portray the original anymore.  What attribute of God is it easiest for you to “blow up” too big in your thoughts about God?

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