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continuing the convo – merry blogmas!

December 21, 2008

Merry Blogmas to everyone!  This morning we both looked forward to Christmas and continued our James series, looking at James 4:13-17.  I hope to pause for a week and meditate on the Incarnation in light of Christmas next year, but we’re kicking off a series at the start of ’09 called House Rules that will set the tone for all of 2009 and we couldn’t afford to miss James 4:13-17 or the last verses in James (5:13-20).

If you missed this morning, I showed this picture of the planet earth from 4 billion miles away…


we're the dot in the middle

Take a second to let that sink in.  Kind of humbling, huh?

This photo is famously known as the “Pale Blue Dot”, taken by the Voyager 1 just as it passed out of our galaxy.  In James 4, God reminds us that our life is “a mist that appears for awhile and then vanishes”.  Most of the time I fail to seek God when I make my life plans and decisions because, honestly, I think I’m “big enough” to handle it… and then God reminds me that my whole life is just a breath in the wind – that I’m a momentary speck on a speck in a remote corner of space and that I need Him.

So I’m saying No to that attitude this year and I want you to go with me.  Because we’re so small and need God’s infinite wisdom and sovereign power so badly, I want to adopt this prayer for myself and for The Bridge in 2009…

“Whatever, whenever, wherever, no matter the cost.”

I’m tired of small dreams, missed opportunities, man-sized goals, and untapped power.  God has so much more and I’m done missing out…

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  1. Eva Howard permalink
    December 22, 2008 2:17 pm

    This teaching reminded me of the infamous Dr. Seuss book, now movie,”Horton Hears A Who”. Whoville was a very tiny village that existed on a speck of dust that landed on a clover blossom which Horton, the elephant, found. We can compare us to that same small speck of dust as being the pale blue dot in the universe.

    Imagine all the vastness of things that exist beyond our speck in the universe yet GOD himself knows every hair on each head that wanders this pale blue dot. And more important He desires a relationship involving communication, love, trust and total commitment from ME! WOW – ME AND YOU. What more could anyone ask for? HE is still the perfect gift from GOD.

  2. Scott Shoopman permalink
    December 23, 2008 12:12 am

    I often feel just the opposite, not that I am BIG enough, but that I am so small why would God really be interested in my daily affairs? There are times that I really think God doesn’t care about some of our choices, job, house, car, school… in reality I think God simply wants us… completely, wherever we are, whatever car we drive, whatever house we live in, whatever job we have… he just wants us and for us to bring Him honor.

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