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continued convo – urgent living

December 29, 2008

We finished James yesterday!  It’s been two months and, honestly, we could’ve easily spent another four.  Picking the passages to preach is the most agonizing part of preaching through a book… unless you don’t skip any verses.  (Someday)

These last two (James 5:19-20) were the heaviest that I’d preached so far.  With his last words, James leaves us with the thought that everyone faces death and we have a message that can save them in eternity – the gospel of Jesus.  

I never like it and usually avoid it, but thinking about the mortality of everyone I meet always calls me back to an urgency in my living for Christ.  Here are things that happen to me when I take time to reflect on the reality of death…

– I love my wife, Jana, with more vigor.

– I’m desperate to share the gospel instead of being desperate to keep everything comfortable in conversations with people that don’t know God through Christ.

– I throw myself into leadership of The Bridge with everything I have because I know I’ve only got one shot.

– My family and friends mean more to me.

– I anticipate settling down to spend time with God during the day because I know I see and savor Him in part now… but will fully when my time here is done.

– I don’t know how to say this any other way – I live life with urgency.

What keeps us from being able to see life like the Bible sees it – as fleeting?

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