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morning ritual

March 2, 2009
Ole DL

Ole DL

I read earlier this week that DL Moody, the great evangelist of the Second Great Awakening, made it a habit to wake up at 4am for prayer and Scripture reading… daily.  Keep in mind this was before heated houses and coffee.  Then this morning I read in Scripture a sentence that seems to pepper the gospels:

The next morning Jesus awoke long before daybreak and went out alone into the wilderness to pray.   -Mark 1:35

If you read the gospels you know that this wasn’t an isolated incident for Jesus.  This was a morning ritual. Long before daybreak. Scripture. Prayer. God.  It seems to me that at the heart of every movement of God are people that rise before the sun to seek God’s presence and blessing on their lives. 

Back to DL Moody – Moody said he felt guilty if he heard the blacksmiths hammering before he started praying. Why did God use Moody in such a powerful way? I think it’s simple: he got up early to spend time with God.  I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that if I want to see God do what I believe we have a chance to see happen in Spring Hill – a movement of God through The Bridge – then it’s going to start on my knees in the dark when no one’s looking instead of on the stage in front of hundreds of people when I’m preaching.

For me this is simple.  If I start my day in prayer and Scripture, I get on God’s wavelength.  If I don’t, I don’t.  What helps you get on God’s wavelength at the beginning of a day?

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  1. March 3, 2009 7:29 am

    Being proactive. That’s it. Being proactive. I must wake up each day proactively seeking God first. It’s something I have learned to do and slipped away from this discipline times. But I do know this… For those of us who wake up with a job to do, if we’re not proactively putting God first we’ll be thinking of what must get done, how many e-mails need to be responded to, what client deserves a call, etc… The first step for me is simply reminding myself to remind myself to think of God first thing each day.

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