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“Africa Needs God”

March 16, 2009

Here’s an article by an atheist entitled “As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God” about how the presence of Christianity has led to progress in African nations that secularists have been unable to accomplish.  Sometimes the best evidence for Christianity is how it “works” in people and cultures.

I believe The Bridge will be used by God in such a way that people in Spring Hill will see what He does in our lives and begin to say…

  • “I believe my marriage truly needs God”
  • “I believe this time of depression in my life truly needs God”
  • “I believe my workplace truly needs God”
  • “I need God to help me with my parenting”
  • “My high school class or team truly needs God”

There’s nothing that compels people to Christ more than seeing what He’s done in other lives.  Make today the day that you show everyone you’re with that Christianity “works” and can work in their lives too.

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  1. Susan Howerton permalink
    March 17, 2009 11:41 am

    WOW! Incredible article… I emailed it to sooo many people. It is encouraging to see one who has denied the existence of God stand in awe of what God can do and is doing through INDIVIDUAL Christians who have been obedient to lay down their lives and offer themselves to God to use wherever He wanted. God IS real and at work in and through His people whether nonbelievers believe it or not. Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for EVERYONE, so our sins would be forgiven and we could once again be right with God and have a personal relationship Him. This is also true, whether nonbelievers believe it or not. This may sound harsh or cold but the opposite is true. It is because of this Truth that our hearts are penetrated with incredible unbiased love for those we have never even met and we are impassioned to share this Truth/Love with everyone. Our purpose and passion as Christians is, and should always be, to carry that Truth to nonbelievers – living that reality of His love and transforming power in front of them, then verbally sharing His truth and love and what Christ has miraculously done in us and our lives… sharing with those we come in contact with daily – in Spring Hill and across the world as God leads, that they, too, can have the transforming power of Jesus Christ just for the asking.

    It is always inspiring and encourage as a Christian to press on when I hear stories of people finally recognizing that God is real and alive in our world. As a Christian, I WANT my friends, etc. to tell me what they have experienced or seen God do TODAY, and I need to share this, as well. We don’t do this enough… we keep it to ourselves for some reason when it could encourage someone else to step out and share the gospel. I’m workin’ on this one. I believe every believer, every word, and every action that points people to Jesus is important and used by God… no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

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