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March 16, 2009

I was doing a little perusing this morning and came across these uber-scary phrases from Jehovah’s Witness officials…

  • “Avoid independent thinking…questioning the counsel that is provided by God’s visible organization.” (Watchtower, Jan. 15, 1983 pg. 22)
  • “Stay away from deep Bible study to determine meanings of the scriptures.” (JW Leader Karl Klein, Address to WT, April, 30, 1980)
  • “Fight against independent thinking.” (Watchtower, Jan. 15, 1983 pg. 27)

As a Christian that’s prone to doubt, one of the most comforting things about the New Testament to me is that it’s a “skeptics-welcome” New Testament.  For instance…

Does this mean that I never doubt?  No.  Are there some questions that I can’t answer?  Yes.  But in the end, the more I read the New Testament the more confident I become in the gospel I’ve given my life to.

What about you?  What has been the greatest encouragement to your faith in your lifetime?  An intellectual argument, an experience you’ve had, “tasting and seeing”?  Share with us…

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  1. March 17, 2009 7:38 am

    No doubt… (all pun intended) I find my greatest encouragement when reading and meditating on God’s words, the words He gave us in the Bible.

    On a very personal note… One night when I was doubting God’s existence and, if He existed if he was concerned about me personally He did something fantastic on my behalf. I was pondering these things and looking up at the stars. I had honed in on one particular star. The thought went through my mind… “God, if you really wanted me to know that you were there, you could move that star for me.” The thought immediately went through my mind, “You won’t do that it’d mess up the entire galaxy.” At that moment a shooting star shot across the night sky. This has encouraged me in my moments of doubt from that day on.

  2. Marlene permalink
    March 17, 2009 10:50 am

    Doubt is part of our human make-up. God reminds us throughout scripture that He is with us and He nevers leaves us. My favorite scripture is Isaiah 43..
    Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.
    I have called you by name and you are mine.
    When you go thru deep waters I will be with you.
    When you go thru rivers of difficulty you will not drown.
    When you walk thru the fire you will not be burned.

    God brought me thru the deep, difficult waters and protected me from the fire last year as my marriage of 27 years ended. He carried my sweet daughter thru some of the most painful days of her life. HE is Faithful…of that I am sure!

  3. Susan Howerton permalink
    March 17, 2009 12:21 pm

    I find that, for me, doubt stems from trying to reconcile what I want with what God wants (God’s will). To do that, I have to rely on what scripture tells me, what God leads me to in prayer, and godly counsel – realizing that these should not conflict. Once I have deciphered what I feel God wants me to do, or choose, then I must step out in faith and do it or choose it and trust that He will, once again, do what is best for me and all involved. My doubt comes in when I second guess the choice God led me to when it doesn’t turn out like I think it should have or when I can’t see His plan or understand His ways. The fact is, I doubt myself and my ability to hear Him or understand what He is telling me, NOT that He is speaking or that He would lead me the right way. That is where I must step out in faith and put it in His hands.

    As a reminder for me of God’s faithfulness in the past, which helps me not to doubt, I have recently purchased bags of small stones at the Dollar Store and I have written one or two words on one side of each as a reminder of an answered prayer or a time that God worked mightily in my life, even when I doubted. Then, I put the date on the other side and keep them in a jar in my kitchen. When I have new situations arise that I have to trust God for and step out “blindly” I look back at those rocks and read through all the MANY, many times God was faithful to do what was best in my life – even when I doubted or couldn’t see that at the time. These will be constant reminders to me, my children, my grandchildren…. of God’s sovereignty, his intimate care, real daily personal involvement in our lives, and love for each of us.

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