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DNA refocus: missional

April 1, 2009

dnaThe Bridge is radically committed to what we believe is a Biblical, three-stranded “DNA” for the church.  We use three words to describe what we want to be…


It seems like the hardest is “missional”.  We’re pretty comfortable seeking God in prayer and Scripture (theological) and being relational comes pretty naturally to most of us, but talking about faith in Christ with someone (missional)… we don’t have a clue how to do this without feeling like an awkward, offensive spiritual flasher.

I’m convinced that the reason this seems so hard is because we try to live one strand of the DNA without the others.  We’re trying to be missional without being relational.

Here are some of the most missional things you could do this week…

  •  Ask your neighbors if they want to hang out for dinner this week
  • Call a buddy for a round of golf or to toss some Cornhole
  • See if some ladies in your neighborhood want to come over to watch Pride and Prejudice while the husbands watch the kids (they’d rather do that than watch Pride and Prejudice anyway!)
  • Invite the new family in the neighborhood over for game night
  • The last step: ask the person or family you’ve hung out with for months to come to church and grill out afterwards

The gospel is like electricity.  It has to flow through a conduit.  The best conduit is a relationship where someone can see you walking with Christ, see that you fail too, and see joy.  Start being missional this week by being relational toward non-believers.

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