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Greater things: Small Groups

June 8, 2009

Guest Blogger: Scott Shoopman

I’m in love with a printer!!

Is it possible to actually be “in” love with a printer?? It doesn’t really matter I guess, but let me provide a bit of background. My previous printer was a great printer that I had for 5-6 years – you know the type, “All-in-One” – Fax –Scan-Print-Copy. The printer had served me well and there were only a few quirks to the printer. Sometimes the print would stop and I would have to un-plug and restart, sometimes the print would stick and print the same line for page upon page until I noticed. You get the picture, but it was a good printer. For several months I had toyed and surfed for a new printer, but then, it died.

I was forced to go and purchase a NEW printer. Quite confusing, daunting for a non-techy. Which model, which brand, who has the best price, what about the cost of ink, how fast is it really… and the questions continued. After a couple of weeks of frustration and confusion, I just jumped! Went to a store, picked up a box and checked out. Never asked a clerk, salesperson, or fellow shopper for any advise. BUT… what a wonderful day! I cannot imagine why I had not made this move sooner… this is GREAT!!!

I wonder where else my life parallels the printer saga??

Our Small Groups are good. We add people, have started several new groups, we do stuff – theological, relational, and missional. I like my group – we have a pretty good idea of the unspoken boundaries – but share, to a point, in group. But now I wonder – what would it take for my group, for all our groups to be GREAT groups? Are we settling for GOOD when we could have GREAT?

For the printer, it was simply new technology and new hardware. For groups at The Bridge, it may not be as simple, but I think it could be more rewarding than faster printer output.

As we begin our quest for relocation, we continually remind ourselves that we must be focused outwardly –  this goes double for groups! It is only in bringing in the NEW that we are challenged and changed. It is only in the beginning of NEW groups that we can be revived and reminded of the newness of Jesus and the fresh perspectives others bring to life. It is only in our “sacrifice” of change that we discover that what we thought was GREAT had turned to only GOOD and God had GREAT things planned for us.

NEW friends, NEW insights, NEW mission efforts, NEW truths uncovered, NEW life to be enjoyed.

Who is not in group? Can your group add any other people? Is it time for you to lead a group and make room for NEW people? Who can you confide in and confess to within your group? What can you do today to make a GOOD group GREAT? It is up to us – one by one – to decide and JUMP!

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  1. Susan Howerton permalink
    June 9, 2009 12:48 pm

    Scott – great blog… keeps me thinking. I love my small group but I’m sure there are ways our small group can grow and it’s so easy to become satisfied instead of examining and taking the steps to make it better. Our small groups are growing fast and it’s time we split off and start new ones. There are so many other people and neighborhoods that need to be reached so we shouldn’t sit comfortable and content in our groups. I know God is raising up some incredible leaders at The Bridge that He is preparing and speaking to right now that just need to give up the fear and do it. It’s a great chance to see God’s amazing power as He equips the called.

    By the way, Scott… do you know of any good Mac printers? I was wondering what illustrative parallels could be made there? Hmmm….

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