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Greater Things: Missions

June 12, 2009

I had the most incredible day, yesterday.  It was one of those days that you know that after being gone 16 hours straight you ought to be exhausted and drained. But, once again, God amazes you with the power He gives you when you’re serving and doing what He wants you to be doing… greater things… greater things than you had planned to be doing, greater things than you thought you could actually do, greater things than your abilities and energies seemed to allow, greater things than your personal boundaries have ever allowed, greater things than your fears could prevent, greater things than your own individual limitations have permitted…. I could keep going forever.

Those are the BEST kind of days for me…

            – worshiping with my Bridge family.

            – lunch with a friend that shares with me the amazing, greater things God has and                                     is doing in her life and just knowing the greater things He’s about to do.

            -meeting with an amazing group of servants (Mission Team), watching God lead                                     us, as He empowers us to plan and initiate greater things

                        missionally for The Bridge than He ever has. 

Then to top off the day, God blesses me with the chance to sit down with an old friend, lend an ear, share truth and understanding from God’s Word that He gave me that very morning from Josh’s sermon (I love God’s timing), and pray for strength and His power like never before. Now my human nature tells me I don’t think I could physically handle all this every day.  See, this wasn’t my usual Sunday… set-up, worship, tear down, lunch, LOOOONG nap, dinner, TV and family time, bed. But it was so much greater!

 I could sit here and tell you all the amazing things God placed on the hearts of our Mission Team to plan for The Bridge to do this next year in missions, or revel in the great things God has already done through The Bridge this year missionally.  There ARE “greater things yet to come” for The Bridge and Spring Hill, but the truly “greater things” God has for us will be found as we “move those MARBLES” by living intentionally, and sacrificially, every single day for Jesus.  When He opens that door as you’re talking with someone that’s struggling… walk through it and tell them the hope that they can have in Jesus and the strength that He can give them to make it through that struggle.  When you’re in the checkout line at the grocery and you notice someone who doesn’t have quite enough to cover their cost… make the offer – money or gift card you already have ready in your wallet, and tell them that it’s because of Jesus that you are doing this.  When someone calls and asks you to come pray with them… be ready, don’t hesitate, don’t look for excuses… just go. When you see them choose to trust Jesus, or see God move in their lives you are experiencing the GREATER things. The greater things yet to come for The Bridge will come with sacrifice, obedience, endurance, and greater JOY than we have ever experienced as we see the results of our daily willingness and readiness to be His tools in this world. 

So my questions for us all… What’s keeping you from “moving those marbles’ – sharing your story of Jesus with others?  What are you allowing to keep you from doing what God wants you to do or be today? What’s holding you back from experiencing the “greater things”?

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  1. June 12, 2009 9:17 am

    I just forget to move the marbles!

  2. Susan Howerton permalink
    June 12, 2009 11:11 am

    You lost those a LONG time ago, Navigator! 🙂

  3. shelley permalink
    June 13, 2009 3:47 pm

    I don’t know…it just seems so….daunting to “tell someone about Jesus” — like I won’t have the right words or I won’t have the answers to questions that come up. We went thru a video series while in the Riffe’s small group that was a good starter for sharing our faith, but I just need to figure out HOW to do it and have the COURAGE to do it — after all, it’s the best gift we could ever tell someone about. It also takes relationship to be able to share (and be received) and watching for/listening for those doors that God opens. I WANT to move the marbles….I think a lot of us want to, but maybe we don’t feel adequately equipped?

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