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back… next week

July 2, 2009

UPDATE: I’d originally planned to be back on Wednesday, but so far AT&T, Linksys, and one IT guy that’s been to our house twice are all stumped as to why our router won’t work with our modem. Back as soon as we exorcise the demon…

Incredible day today.  So much to update everyone on.  Story coming soon, but we announced today that God did a miracle and provided The Bridge with a $50,000 zero-interest loan for the rest of our buildout from an anonymous source that is allowing us to start paying them back “whenever you can”.  When God has his hand on something…

Jana and I are still settling into our house (woo hoo!) and won’t have internet access until Tuesday night.  Starting Wednesday, this will be a fun blog week!

See you then!

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  1. July 10, 2009 12:40 am

    (in my best Eeyore voice) “Alllll Riiiiight, I guess we can wait….”
    Leave it to me to find a cartoon character to mimic.

    Hope you guys are enjoying the home and each other!

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