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Depression – the stubborn darkness

July 28, 2009

Midday blog snack.

It won’t come for awhile because the issues are so complex but last week I started dreaming up a sermon series that will Biblically address issues that psychologists and counselors are usually the only ones who get to address from a secular perspective.  I stumbled across this video and book from an incredible Biblical Counselor/Author named Ed Welch on depression.

So many people are enslaved by this “stubborn darkness” that I thought I’d share it…

And here’s Ed’s book which I haven’t read but am certain is excellent just because it’s him: Depression: A Stubborn Darkness – Light for the Path

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  1. July 28, 2009 10:42 pm

    good stuff. my sister and i have both dealt seriously with depression over the past few years (mine stemming f/m chronic health issues) that resulted in us both being on anti-depressants–something that our family had always pretty much looked down on. we are both dealing, but it’s tough, and is a hard thing to go through as a believer. mom has talked a lot about tommy nelson’s recent talk to campus crusade on the issue, and how it helped her understand what we were going through. you can see some of the talk online on the dallas theological seminary website (i just googled “thomas nelson depression”) his website also has some good resources.

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