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the church is getting too big

July 28, 2009

We haven’t come up on it yet, but we’re going to.  At some point this thought is going to cross your mind, especially if you’ve been around The Bridge for awhile and known the joy of a small, tight-knit community.  You are going to say or think…

“The church is getting too big.”

And we’re going to feel it soon because we’re already past the point where we can all know each other and God isn’t moving us to the most densely populated square mile in Spring Hill for no reason.

Some thoughts…

  • There’s a tendency to attach a moral value to church size.  Small churches call big churches “too big” and say “they’re impersonal and just care about the numbers”.  And big churches shake their heads at small churches for “not caring about evangelism.”  Both can be true.  Neither makes one size the “right size”.
  • Just a thought – the first church ever was 3,000 people in Acts 2 and it grew to 5,000 people by Acts 4.  After the pattern of some really lame bumper stickers: “Big churches aren’t wrong.”  – God
  • It’s easy as a church member to think anything that makes us uncomfortable has to be wrong.  The assumption is that I’m supposed to be comfortable at church.  The fact is wherever sin and righteousness are around each other there will be discomfort.  The minute you become comfortable is the minute you’ve stopped growing as a Christian.
  • None of us – and I mean NONE of us – want to stand in front of God someday and give an account for an attitude or action that resulted in fewer people knowing him and glorifying him.  Trust me.
  • There are too many hungry people not being fed, too many single moms barely keeping their emotional heads above water, too many middle and high school students on a path to waste their lives, too many children being raised apart from Truth, too many orphans without homes, and too many people dying and going to hell for us to want to stay 150 people without growing and/or planting other churches.

Bridge family, this is exciting. We’re about to be a brand new church plant again – with around 3,000 people living less than ½ mile from our doorstep.  Jesus is about to get very famous in Spring Hill and he’s letting US play a lead role in the unfolding story.

Jesus’ Kingdom can NEVER get too big.

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  1. Robin Goben permalink
    July 29, 2009 9:01 am

    Very nice commentary, Josh. Churches of ALL sizes are important to His Kingdom. BIG churches can be a good start for someone wanting to learn with some anonymity; not to mention the enormity of financial resources those “huge” churches can use for their community and the world-wide community. I am thankful for the programs available through the big churches here.

    But I love a small church. Great for the non-city-slicker to get his feet wet and GREAT for personal accountability. They can heal, and touch and witness on a personal level like no other.

    God has a use for all-sized people, programs, and even churches, that seek out His will. HE is the key to loving a church of any size. 😉

    I love reading your posts. We’re praying for you and yours!

  2. July 29, 2009 12:27 pm

    A church that doesn’t grow bigger may not be much of a church. Here’s the deal… Every follwer of Christ is suppose to let those in their sphere of influence know about Jesus. When people hear the gospel (Jesus’ story) many will choose to become a follower of His. When someone becomes a Jesus follower they should naturally long to be part of a Christian community, the church.

    I’ve seen thousands of churches made up of less than hundreds of people. Always surprised.

    Bottom line… a church that remains small and longs to may not be very exciting to be part of. That is, unless the congregation is more focused on their own comfort than Jesus’ mission.

    The real question may be… Do we want a church for us for for Him. We may like mini-church as it is more comfortable but Jesus gave up His life for multitudes.

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