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2 Wow’s

August 2, 2009

This was a HUGE vision week for me thinking about what the future of The Bridge looks like – the people we’re going to reach, the lives we’re going to see changed, the friendships we’re going to develop that will change OUR lives.  I took this picture on Monday, put it on my desktop with the caption “Why?” and have looked at it every day since…


Our lead staff, elders, and Bridge family have been KILLING IT to finish the building and continue our ministry and the people that line those apartments two-tenths of a mile from our future from door are why.  This thought has been in my brain all week…

We are going to be a brand new church plant all over again.

If you’re a Bridger, YOU are about to be a church planter.  Wow.

And for your Monday morning pleasure, here’s something else that should make you say “wow”…

123456 15-42-31

Vanilla Ike

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  1. August 3, 2009 9:30 am

    Thrilled that we’re going to look beyond ourselves even before we move into the building. We will all be tempted to say, “Wow, we have a building now we can ___________________.” Filling in the blank with stuff that demands our time and efforts to do stuff for ourselves could be so easy to do. I know I’ve had passing thoughts of this, that or the other. Please keep reminding us that it’s not about “us” but that it’s about “them,” those who are not yet “us” but can be.

    P.S. Issaac, I’m glad we finally got the real scoop on your goings on when you’re not at church on Sunday!

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