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the difference between people who grow and people who don’t

August 17, 2009

The interesting thing about watching people after they become Christians is that some people seem to skyrocket in spiritual maturity quickly, often surpassing the person that led them to Christ within a couple years, while others stay spiritual babies for decades.  You’ll see them 10 years later and they’re still the same spiritual children they were when you saw them last.

The difference isn’t…

  • Reading your Bible
  • Going to church
  • Having godly friendships
  • Prayer
  • A willingness to get rid of sin you see in your life

None of those things does much (if any) good if you don’t have this down – the difference between someone who matures in Christ and people who stay spiritual infants for 10 years is the ability to accept correction.  Proverbs 9 says, “Whoever rebukes a wicked man incurs abuse… rebuke a wise man and he will love you.”  Here’s the twofold fact:

  1. People who get mad when someone calls them out or corrects them stay spiritual babies forever.
  2. People who SEEK OUT others to rebuke and correct them grow like crazy.

For people who earnestly desire to grow in Christ – seek out wise, godly people this week and ask them to tell you when they see patterns of sin in your life.  The best thing for my spiritual growth this year has been meeting with a couple godly men every Wednesday morning at 5:45am for accountability and ASKING them to call me out when they see sin.

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  1. shelley permalink
    August 18, 2009 3:04 pm

    that sounds exactly like the development / maturity of children as they grow — as young ‘uns, they scream and cry and get mad when they are disciplined or rebuked, but as they mature, they are able to “take it” and even accept it as helpful in maturing them (sometimes!) And then there are the kids who never come to accept discipline — those are the ones who never quite grow up.

    My pride tells me that the kind of accountability of which you speak sounds scary. But necessary. Thanks for being so willing to lead by example, Josh.

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