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how Twitter is helping me

August 19, 2009

I am ripping the idea for this post off of our Student Pastor, Alan Hood’s, second man-crush, Steven Furtick.

The first time someone explained what Twitter was to me I thought I had misunderstood them.  “So you just tell people what you’re doing all day?  Who the heck cares what you’re eating for lunch!?”  I will also gladly admit that I made fun of Twitter users for over a year before joining their ranks.  They were “twits”.

However, after almost a year of “tweeting”, “twittering”, “twitting” or whatever you want to call it, I’m convinced Twitter is helping me in three ways…

  1. I can send Biblical thoughts and encouragement to hundreds of people throughout the day between Twitter and facebook.  When people retweet those thoughts it multiplies the impact even more – which is extremely humbling and encouraging to me.
  2. I’m learning so much from other pastors and leaders that tweet their thoughts about leadership, Christianity, and life.  These are men and women that I could never talk to in any other way that I now get to learn from daily.
  3. I can stay connected to (aka “spy on”) exponentially more people than I ever could without it.  I’ve heard you can only have about 5 close relationships, 20 friends, and less than 100 acquaintances.  While those first two categories don’t change through social networking, the last category multiplies… huge.  There are some Bridge families that I might only get to shake hands with real quick on Sunday that I get to learn about and learn from through things like twitter.

There are definitely more, but here’s a list of a few Bridge twitter-ers off the top of my head.  Follow away!

@dynamosupremo, @ckstedman, @leadworship, @howertonjordan, @jlyons, @awandell, @songbea, @nwandell, @ahood08, @ADTRepNashville, @shivonnehood, @rickhowerton, @btknisley, @tbrown1025, @trentlinville

I’d love to follow and learn from you too.  Hit me up at @howertonjosh. If you’re a fellow “twit”, leave us your handle so we can follow you.

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