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2 types of teams.

September 15, 2009

I’m not getting anything I’m about to type from Scripture, it’s just a lesson I’m learning from working with The Bridge’s staff this year.  I’ve been on two types of teams in my life whether they’re sports teams, ministry teams, show-choir sword-fighting teams , or university leadership teams.  In my experience, there are two types…

  1. Teams that try not to fail.
  2. Teams that try to succeed.

The difference between the two types of teams isn’t vision.  Both teams have a vision.  Teams that are trying not to fail have a vision of what failure would look like and are running AWAY from it.  In other words, they’re motivated by fear.  These teams will never make great sacrifices or accomplish anything great because ordinary is good enough for them.  As long as they’re not failing, they’re fine.  And it doesn’t take great sacrifice to avoid failure; you just have to do what everyone else is doing.  Nobody’s dying to get on these teams.  They’re not going to accomplish anything lasting.

Instead of having a negative vision they’re running AWAY from, teams that want to succeed have a vision of what they could accomplish, are captivated by it, and are running TOWARD it.  For people on these teams it’s never “just a job”.  They work above their paycheck.  They see what could exist, find meaning and purpose for their lives in that vision, and are willing to live for it and die for it.  It’s hard work, but once you’ve been on a team like this you’ll never go back.

One team plays to win.  One team plays not to lose.

My favorite part of leading The Bridge this year has been being on a team that’s playing to win.  We want to succeed and NOBODY on the staff team or elder body is content with anything less.  Keeping in mind that our staff are paid extremely part-time, here are some examples…

  • I watch Jana work at least 30-35 hrs/week on Kids’ Ministry stuff because she has a vision of what the Kids’ Ministry COULD look like and won’t be content until she sees it happen.  Case and point: I just found out she’s headed up to a 2,000-member church north of Nashville that she’s been networking with this week because she wants to see how our Kids’ Ministry can better utilize its curriculum. She’s not getting paid for the extra hours, wasn’t told to go, and isn’t getting reimbursed for gas or food – she just wants to “win”.
  • Alan Hood (our Student Pastor) is successful at his full-time Dell job, but is constantly reading to grow in his spiritual leadership, evaluating the Student Ministry, and sacrificing free time to spend time with Bridge family because he isn’t content with just checking off the box each week that reads “led Core”. When football was on Saturday, guess what Alan’s facebook status read – “Meeting with Student Ministry staff.”  Guess where Alan’s vacation-time got spent this year?  On Bridge mission trips and time with Students and Student Ministry leaders.
  • For Susan, missions isn’t a job.  It’s her life calling.  Every other staff meeting she’s talking about the up-and-coming leader she sees that might be a perfect fit for the Missions Team… because she’s captivated by a vision of reaching Spring Hill missionally.
  • Scott Shoopman (our Small Groups Pastor) uprooted his family, left a successful Real-Estate business, and moved to Spring Hill to help plant The Bridge six years ago.  But that wasn’t “enough” for Scott.  For the last 5 months, Scott has BUSTED IT and personally overseen hundreds of hours of construction at our relocation construction site on average about 5 evenings per week – all the while still leading a Real-Estate business that’s taking care of his family.

Bridge family, don’t take these people for granted.  They’re laying it all on the line, working toward a vision of seeing God spark a movement in Spring Hill for the name of Christ.  Imitate their examples and pray for them.  I love being on a team like this.

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  1. Andrea permalink
    September 16, 2009 12:30 pm

    So thankful for each and every one of you on staff, for your unique giftedness and “personalities” :-), and the joy of working and praying together with all of you. You all lead us well and with vigor, humility, and creativity. Our family is VERY thankful for the staff here at The Bridge!

  2. Sue permalink
    September 16, 2009 3:15 pm

    I am so appreciative of our church staff. I see their love for Christ and dedication to The Bridge and in particular, my kids, on a weekly basis. Seth serves on the mission team beside Susan Howerton and experiences firsthand her love for Christ, her servant heart and love for missions and people. Scott has helped me with the greeter ministry and his excitement is contagious. Alan and his beautiful wife Shivonne rock with The Core! Their dedication to the kids is amazing. Supporting the Core kids who are in the IHS marching band this fall means alot. Jana does amazing things with the Sunday school classes and nursery. Jenna is very excited each Sunday when she leaves class (and I don’t think it has anything to do with the fist full of candy that she has when she leaves….ok, maybe a little). I sit back and am amazed and appreciative of the staff that God has put together at The Bridge “for such a time as this”.

  3. Jennifer permalink
    September 19, 2009 10:23 am

    servant leaders…you are an inspiration to us all.

    thank you.

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