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Symptoms of Pride

September 20, 2009

Multiple people asked for these after today’s service.  Here they are…

  • Are your feelings hurt easily?
  • Does it irritate you when people don’t agree with you?
  • Does it really bother you when someone corrects your mistakes?
  • Is it hard for you to admit mistakes?
  • Do you think you are usually right and others are usually wrong?
  • Do you find it hard to compromise?  Is it your way or no way?
  • Are you often stressed?
  • Do you find yourself giving more criticisms than compliments?
  • Are you quick to judge other people on first appearance?
  • Are you usually more concerned with your needs and wants than the needs of people you are with?
  • If someone has hurt you or done you wrong in the past, do you hold bitterness and resentment against that person?
  • Do you seek praise for things over which you have no control (beauty, talents, abilities)?
  • Do you feel offended or not appreciated when not given credit for something you have done?
  • Do you often compete or compare yourself with someone else?   Are you always trying to do better or have more than some other particular person?
  • Do you neglect seeking the help of God in Scripture and prayer and seeking the help of others in Christian accountability and community?
  • Do you see yourself as having eliminated most of the sin in your life or as having very little sin?
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