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what could be.

September 22, 2009

Lance Howerton, my uncle and one of the best leaders I’ve known, passed on a phrase to me that I’ve never forgotten…

When your memories exceed your vision, the end is near.

I need to confess that until about 2 weeks ago I’d completely forgotten about could happen through The Bridge and lowered my eyes to what has happened and is happening.  Two weeks ago I was early for a meeting at our new location so I took a drive through the apt complex across the street… and God broke me with his vision for The Bridge’s ministry there.

Last week we put up a bunch of these at our new location where over 100 people from The Bridge have been working in the last few days…


We’ve got great memories about what God has done this year…

  • The Bridge has grown between 30-40%
  • Over 30 new people became members of The Bridge in the last year
  • About 10 people have been baptized to show their lives belong to Christ now
  • 91 people (attendance in December) gave $15,000 to missions efforts at Gift for Christ at Christmas this year
  • We funded two wells in Africa that are bringing clean drinking water to villages that were dying from water problems
  • Over 100 people served Spring Hill all day on One Great Day – our church-wide local missions effort
  • We completely funded TWO church buildings this year – ours and one in Guatemala
  • 125 people (attendance in May) gave $17,000 to our building fund with a heart for the advancement of the gospel in Spring Hill
  • We hired two new home run staff members who are showing us what it means to live sacrificially for the gospel in Alan Hood (Student Pastor) and Jana Howerton (our very attractive Kids’ Minister)
  • We’re in the process of appointing new elders from men God has his hand on to lead us into a new chapter of our story

BUT if our memories of what God has done this year are larger in our minds than our vision of what could happen this year, then the end is near for us.  We’re moving into the middle of the most densely populated square mile in Spring Hill with an estimated 3,000 people within a 1-mile radius of our front door.

Bridgers and other members of our blog-family alike.  What is it that could happen around you this year that gets you most excited about the future?

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