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the spiritual discipline of self-evaluation

September 29, 2009

I’m reading through a book called “Indwelling Sin” by John Owen before my morning devotions right now.  It’s hard for me to read, but so incredibly humbling and challenging to me in my walk with Christ.  There’s been a bunch of “wow” moments through the first few chapters, but this part of the first chapter especially stuck out to me as true…

Many men… know their outward estates, how wealthy they are and the condition of their bodies… but to their inward person and to God and eternity, they know little or nothing.  Indeed, few labor to grow wise in this matter, few study themselves as they ought and are acquainted with the evils of their heart as they ought – on which the whole course of their eternal condition depends.

I probably spend less time than the average bear examining my “outward estates”, but if you asked me the top three problems with my body I can rattle off some outward imperfections without thinking (the wart on my right hand and my growing unibrow, for instance).  But if you ask me about the health of my soul the answers come a little slower.

Here are some questions I use that you might print off and answer during your next quiet time to help you evaluate the health of your soul…

  1. What am I filling my time with that crowds out activity of eternal value?
  2. Husbands: What am I doing to lead and pastor my family?
  3. Wives: What am I doing to “look well the ways of my household” – spiritually, physically, and emotionally?
  4. How is my commitment level to using the spiritual gifts God has given me to build up the church?
  5. What things stir up my emotions more than knowing Christ?
  6. Am I loving and serving the people around me?
  7. How’s my prayer life?
  8. Are my relationships with Christians around me deepening or shallowing?
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  1. October 1, 2009 4:25 pm

    George Whitfield’s criteria for self-evaluation has slapped me upside the face a few times…

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