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this is why it’s important we get the gospel right

November 4, 2009

Tears are on my cheeks as I type this after watching the video below.

Not always but every now and then someone will listen to our preaching at The Bridge or go through our New Member’s Class and kind of dismissively smirk at our theological emphasis.  Every other sermon series, we preach exegetically through a book of the Bible, we have little sayings for good interpretation of The Bible woven into our culture like “Context is King”, and one of our core values is being “Theological”.  In my experience, most Christians THIRST for this but every once in a while someone will roll their eyes at it and say something like “You’re just splitting hairs for no reason. All that’s important is that we love God.”  And sometimes I’ll start to wonder if they’re right.

Then I see something like this.

When I first saw this I couldn’t decide whether to cry, break my computer screen, or buy a plane ticket to Africa. I decided to write this blog post instead.  Here’s what we learn from this:

Careful attention to right Biblical interpretation and good theology ISN’T JUST ABOUT BEING RIGHT FOR THE SAKE OF “BEING RIGHT”. It’s about the glory of God in Christ, the eternal salvation of the nations, the healing of the world, the happiness of all marriages, the joy of all peoples, and a thousand-thousand other things.

Good theology is important because stupid and evil crap like that (see above video) happens when we don’t first carefully study to know what God approves and doesn’t approve.

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  1. Lance permalink
    November 5, 2009 7:35 am

    Sad to say but some people pray on those in need. I can’t help but think that the prosperity gospel is about greed at every level. I wonder if even those that preach it believe it or are only profiting from it?

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