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The “Why are you reading this blog?” Merry Christmas message

December 23, 2009

Just letting you know that we’re shutting down the blog between now and the first of the year.  Three tidbits to carry you through the holidays with joy…

  • The Bridge met smashed it’s Gift for Christ goal of $10,000 and gave $13,000 toward local and world missions.  Between that and the giving toward the relocation earlier this year, The Bridge gave $30,000 toward kingdom efforts in 2009.  Crazy.
  • Almost 50 Bridgers will be throwing Christmas for Nashville homeless on Christmas Eve… and I cannot think of a more Christ-like way to spend Christmas.
  • In the wake of Christmas spending and New Year’s Resolutions we’re starting a series in January called “The M-Word” about Christ and Money.  Fair warning: just the preliminary study for this series has me seriously re-evaluating my life.

Merry Christmas, Bridge Family.  It’s been one of – if not “the” – most fun year(s) of my life.  The things God has accomplished in and through The Bridge in just a year are overwhelming as I look back to this time last year… and this is just the beginning.  Love you all so, so much.

See you Sunday.

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