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a thought about our DNA

February 8, 2010

Something broke on me like a wave after teaching an awesome (and full) new members’ class yesterday.

Most analogies that the New Testament uses to describe Jesus’ church are organic metaphors – a tree, a vine or vineyard, a flock of sheep, a human body.  Every organism has a core DNA that shapes who it is and what it does.  At The Bridge we believe there are three essential elements of the church (our DNA): Divine truth, Nurturing relationships, and Apostolic mission.  Or to say it another way – the church is to be a theological-relational-missional community.

To be honest about our church, here’s how we’re doing with this right now…

  • We’re good at being theological
  • We’re great at being relational
  • We’re terrible at being missional

This may be confusing. You may be saying “but we gave over $30,000 toward kingdom-advancing offerings this year, we care for the poor, we funded wells in Africa and church buildings in Guatemala, and we have a big emphasis on feeding the hungry!”  And all those things are components of being missional, but at it’s CORE being missional means making disciples of Christ out of non-believers.

If we feed the hungry, care for the poor, build homes for people in Guatemala, and dig wells for people in Africa without clean drinking water but aren’t inviting lost friends to our worship gatherings and sharing the gospel with them all we’re doing is making people more comfortable while they go to hell.

Let’s not become satisfied with being faithful to 2 of 3 essential elements of the church.  You could not pick a better time to invite somebody to a worship gathering than the next few weeks during the “Following Jesus in a Jacked up Church” series.  Church family, let’s grow in this together.

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  1. Roderick permalink
    February 11, 2010 10:01 am

    I’m very excited to hear these messages!

    • josh permalink
      February 11, 2010 12:48 pm

      I’m excited to get to them!

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