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Jimi Williams: My vision for worship at The Bridge

February 24, 2010

Jimi Williams: Worship Pastor

I recently came across this verse at the end of the book of Job where Job writes, “My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.” (Job 42:5). Job had a solid knowledge of God. In fact, the Bible says that Job “was blameless and upright”. But even though Job had heard about God, in the midst of suffering and redemption Job saw God for the first time.

I had a friend named Jenny who battled and lost a fight with cancer a few years back. In her final days, as the cancer had left her weak and frail, she was asked if she had any regrets. Her response was an emphatic “no”. She said her experience with the Lord during those final days had been worth all the suffering. Jenny “saw” God and was forever changed.

As a worship leader, I view my responsibility to the church as helping people to “see” God, where maybe they’ve only “heard about” Him in the past. Matt Redman, who wrote the worship song “Blessed Be Your Name”, says that worship is a response to God’s revelation. That’s true. When we think about the Lord and all that He has done for us, we want to worship Him. And as we worship, God reveals more of Himself causing us to worship Him even more!

When we “see” or experience God, worship moves from our heads to our hearts causing amazing things to happen in us and in the church.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Open the eyes of my heart

I want to see You

I want to see You

(“Open the Eyes of My Heart” by Paul Baloche)

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  1. February 25, 2010 11:25 am

    Jimi, Wanted you to know how thrilled I am that you are coming on board in this vital role. The worship experience is so essential for a community of believers to become a community, not just a mass of people. Community demands a common language, common expressions, common rituals, and common values. Many of these things are established in weekend services prior to the sermon.

    Weekend worship services are life to some. Some years back a friend of ours named Mike was at The Bridge. God chose to take him home early. He battled cancer with a passion only to be overtaken by it. One of his final requests was to be in worship one more time before his home-going. One Sunday morning some of his biker friends pushed Mike’s wheel chair down the aisle and into place. He sang as best he could was loved on by those who are the church, and left having been lifted above his desperation. It was one of the most glorious moments of my ministry life.

    Something much bigger than ourselves happens when we worship. Worship inspires the heart while forcing us to bow before the everlasting King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And we leave full of grace and truth. Not only that, we are lifted above our desperation.

    Thank you for allowing God to speak to the elders and and yourself and thank you for being the transport God uses to take us to the throne of grace where transformation takes place. We will love ya’ for it.

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