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let me explain…

March 15, 2010

Good morning kind readers.  Welcome to the Monday edition of the artist formerly known as “The Pastor’s Blog”.  If you’ve kept up with the blog recently you’ve probably noticed the posts have been coming at a 2-3/wk rate as opposed to the 4-5/wk rate that I kept in my younger years.  Let me explain some changes that are taking place with the blog…

I’ve been struggling with the fact that The Bridge doesn’t reflect our beliefs about church leadership.  This isn’t the place for an ecclesiological argument, but…

  • We’re not a “congregationally-led church” that’s a democracy…
  • Or a “Pastor-led church” that’s a dictatorship (I don’t think I’d make much of a dictator)…
  • We are an “Elder-led/Member-informed church” that’s neither.

Right now you see me preach about 48/52 weeks of the year, read my front-page enews address every week, and see my thoughts 3-4 times per week on the blog.  There are very good reasons relating to the spiritual maturation of the church body for the New Testament giving the example of the church being led by multiple elders instead of one guy. Please bear with us as we finish the new website and transition into the blog becoming “church leadership focused” instead of “Senior Pastor focused”.

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  1. June 12, 2012 6:11 pm

    Pastor Josh – I’m a retired Navy SEAL Commander just recently back from Afghanistan this past November. I’m an evangelist and have recently resettled in the Anderson, Indiana, area. My website: I hope you will consider me as a guest speaker. Thank you for all considerations. My local phone number -765-208-8232.

    Some points-of-contact where I’ve ministered at –

    – Hagerstown Church of Nazarene, Pastor Bob Fannin, 765-489-5440
    – Central Chapel Faith Fellowship, Pastor Marlin Fannin,765-533-6433
    – Gospel Light Chapel, Pastor Loyce Webb, 765-649-0645
    – East Aurora Wesleyn Church, Pastor Rich Nightingale, 716-652-0392
    – Promise Land Ministries, Pastor Fred McGhee, 765-643-3875
    – Tuscorora Indian Missions Church, Pastor Don Robinson, 716-791-8966
    – Fairmount Church of God, Pastor Gleason Hackett, 765-393-1011
    – Brick by Brick Church, Pastor Jim Loos, 716-631-3753
    – Goodwill Baptist Church, Pastor Jimbo Herring, 318-428-2146
    – Unity Baptist Church, Pastor Kelly Coleman, 318-428-8863
    – Beulah Baptist Church, Pastor Ken Herring, 318-428-3843
    – New Zion’s Baptist Church, Pastor Greg Dunn, 318-428-8310

    Many blessings to you,

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